sync objects over photon network

I am creating a multiplayer with photon PUN.
I already managed to sync the headset and controller. Now I want to sync a cube. The players should be able to pick the cube up and the other players should see the movement of the cube.
I tried to create a cube with a script to interact with it (this works fine) and than I just added Photon View and Transform View (in the observe field) to sync position and rotation.
One player is able to pick the cube up and move it, but the other player only sees the cube moving on the ground, not in the air. Sometimes even picking up the cube does not work, I am thinking this has to do with whom opened the virtual room and only this player can interact with the cube.

Any solutions ideas or completely different options to sync an interactable object over the photon PUN Network?

Please explain in easy steps, because I am totally new in programming and VR =)

did you slove this ?,did you find a way to slove this ?