Sync PlayerPrefs Between Phone and Android Wear

Ok, This is a diffult one… maybe…

I made a game in Unity for Android. Works great.
-Saves highscore
-Save number of games played
-Saves total cumulative score
-Saves points spend (in game points are used to unlock characters)
-Saves unlokced characters
-Saves current character
-other stuff…

I made an Android Wear version also.
-Does the same stuff.

I had to use Android Studio to make an AW compatible app
-An android wear app is a mobile app with the android wear apk embedded inside, when you sync with your android wear device, the AW version is transferred via the Google Android Wear app. But data is not synced after that.

So, if I get a highscore of 50 on the phone, it will only be on the phone. If I beat that high score on the watch, it will only be on the watch. same for all data, etc.

Is there a way, without cloud syncing because many android wear devices do not have this capability, to tranfser the playerprefs data between the two apps.

I am open to any option right now.

Can I sync playerprefs data between and phone and a watch?

not the best solution .instead of writing data to playerpref you can write same data in text file in “application.persistent data path” and move that file around your devices.keep in mind that you have to go to root of app and retrieve that data and pass it around with wifi/blueTh…/USB have to encrypt the data so nobody can crack/update it manually.

Instead of using PlayerPrefs you can also use SQlite to build a database, and read it with your different devices.