Sync Text with audio

I’m trying to write a script that will display GuiTexture_1 at time_1 , GuiTexture_2 at time_2 etc… I’ve got as far as setting the timer up :

    // The purpose of this script is to sync text to an audio file.

// Length of animation to sync text to.
var animationLength : float = 60.0;	

// Current time of 'text' timer so we can set text to display at specific times.
var currentTime : float = 0.0;	

// Current time display.
var timerGui : GUIText ;							


function Start ()



function Timer()

// Rather than using Update(), use a co-routine that controls the timer. We only need to check the timer once every second, not multiple times per second.
		while ( currentTime <  animationLength)
			yield WaitForSeconds(1);
			currentTime += 1;


function UpdateTimerGui()
	timerGui.text = "Time: " + currentTime;		

function SyncText()


But I’m not sure how to set the array up containing the relevent times?

if you just want to set the time at which play a sound and display a text message, you can do the following:

var times:float[];
var messages:String[];
var sounds:AudioClip[];
private var currMsg:int;
private var time0:float;

function Start(){

	time0 = Time.time;
	currMsg = 0;

function Update(){

	if (currMsg<times.length && Time.time-time0>=times[currMsg]){
	    guiText.text = messages[currMsg]; // displays the message
        audio.PlayOneShot(sounds[currMsg]); // plays its sound
        currMsg += 1; // next message, please!

Create a GUIText object, set its properties (Font, Size, Position etc.), add an AudioSource componente and then drag this script to the GUIText. In the Inspector, you must set the size of each array: if you have 10 messages, set the times array size to 10 - it will appear 10 empty slots where you can define the time of each message (0 is set at Start()). Below the times array you have the messages array - set the same length as times and fill in with the text messages you want. Finnally, do the same with the sounds array.