Synchronise translation with Physics

I am trying to make a platformer and the main character has a rigidbody attached. He moves horizontally with the translate function (inside the Update) and vertically by addForce and gravity. However there is a stutter when player falls or jumps because my camera follow script uses Update while gravity is calculated in FixedUpdate. I tried everything from interpolate, changing everything to FixedUpdate and lerping the camera movement but there is always a slight stutter. My question is if it’s impossible to sync physics with translate perfectly. If not can you suggest me anything? I start to think that i should use a character controller and make my own gravity which is calculated in the Update function. Thank you for listening!

It is possible. Set the rigidbody to interpolate. Do all movements in FixedUpdate() (For AddForce it’s not important since the force is applied correctly in FixedUpdate).
Have your Camera translate in LateUpdate().