Synchronization in Photon, I have a scene where I dont instantiate anything, but I want it to update its status constantly on all clients

Hi, I am further developing my game and basically I am having now a quite easy part to deal with. As aforementioned in the question title, I have a scene where there are no player objects to be instantiated. All clients are able to interact with the elements of the scene using the GUI Buttons and when one client pushes a button, I want the update to be smoothly synchronized on all clients. I have added a Photon View Script to the elements I want synchronized, still they start to behave strangely unaccordingly to the physics system ( for example, on one client screen they start floating and bouncing irregularly, whereas on the screen of the client that gave the input from buttons, everything goes as expected.

I have made some research, but I am afraid it would help mostly in the case where I had multiple players objects which is not here the case I suppose. Has my problem anything to do with my camera, or with my network stream?

Please, take into account everything I have mentioned and should you have any other further question, ask here. Any tips, links, even scripts!! are welcome!

Well you need to use calls over the network in the functions that do the stuff you want to sync. aka RPC calls