synchronize wheels

Hi, I would like to know how to make a wheel about 35 centimeters turn in synchrony with the larger wheel, which would have 1.33 approximately

Here are the ones:
![alt text][1]

Your question is lacking some details. I guess you actually meant a wheel with 35 centimeters and the larger one with 133 centimeters? Because 1.33 is smaller, not larger. Also it’s hard to actually clearly identify the two wheels in question. I guess you talk about that smaller wheel below and slightly to the left in relation to the big wheel? The required rotation speed can be directly translated with the ratio between your two wheels. You said the size is approximately. So you can only synchronise it approximately. Uncertainty in the input will lead to uncertainty in the output.

Next you have to decide if the wheels should turn the same way or opposite ways (So do you want to simulate a gearbox-like transmission or a belt-based transmission).

Anyways just multiply the amout you rotate one of the wheels by the ratio and rotate the other wheel based on that… So when you actually rotate the large wheel, the smaller wheel has to rotate faster by the ratio between the wheel sizes. So if your numbers are correct, it would be “133 / 35” so about 3.8 times faster

@Bunny83 Yes, I’m sorry for the mistakes. the smaller wheel is 35 centimeters and the largest wheel is 133 centimeters.
The wheels are the ones you mentioned.
They have to rotate in the opposite way. What I want to know is how to make the smaller wheel behave in the same way as the larger one. The larger wheel that is attached to the ride arms uses the force of the motor to move. But I do not know what to do with the child. It even rotates in the right way, but I want it, for example, when the larger wheel loses its force and comes back, the smaller one also does this (in the opposite direction). I do not know if you understood.
Thanks for the answer!