Synchronizing objects over the network


I’m working with Unity and zigfu drivers (Kinect), and I’m having one problem now… First of all I need to know if it’s possible to use the network capabilities of Unity with zigfu drivers. For my work (academic research) I want to control an avatar through the network. I control the avatar in my computer and I want to see it move in another computer. Supposedly, the main scenario allows the user to see other avatars moving.
For now I can’t syncronize the animation of the avatar. I can see the animation in my pc, but in the other i can’t.

I’m a little bit lost here, and I need help with this…

If someone knows how to do this, please help me!



You need a network view component. This is the component used to stream the positions and transformations of objects over a network, and it does animations too.


Thank you luckruns0ut for your reply! =)
I think that I have done that already… But anyway, I will describe what I’ve done.

-I’ve the example from zigfu (the avatar) that is a prefab. I’ve attached to this prefab the network view component and instantiated the object in the nertwork:

Network.Instantiate(player, transform.position, transform.rotation, 0);

I have tried to synchronize animation this way, but that doesn’t work…
After doing some research, I’ve read that maybe I should assign the rigidbody component to the player prefab. So I did, and assigned the network component to the rigidbody.
And still doesn’t work…

So I don’t know what I’m really doing wrong here…

The image shows how I’ve done so far.


After weeks of erros and search, I finally solved the problem…
I’ve changed the framework to the OpenNI Unity Toolkit and the network and synchronization is working!

How you solve problem with networking ?