Syncing Animations

Hey everybody,

I was wondering how I would go about syncing the timing of two animations up so they both finish at the same time.

My current situation is a jump animation inside of Blender, and a movement animation inside of Unity. My situation is very specific, so this would be the best method for me.

Right now the timing is off, so after the jump animation, the player is still moving, as it has frames left in the animation. My thought was to create a equation based around the length of the animations, and setting the speed of the animation to the result - resulting in both animations finishing at the same time.

Has anybody else done anything like this before? Any recommendations on how I should handle this would be great, thanks!

By default, both animations have a speed to 1 on Animator.

animation A lenght is 154 secs.
animation B lenght is 235 secs.

235 / 154 = 1.5259

Thats mean animation A with speed 1 has a duration equals to animation B with speed 1.5259

I dont know if helps you, but its working for me.