Syncing Animator parameters over network

I’m trying to create a multiplayer game and I’m using the new 4.3 Animator (animates a 2D sprite renderer) component to animate my player.

I have my client/server connecting to one another and I have a network view that observes the player transform, so both players can see each other moving.

I’ve also added a network view that observed the Animator component, in hopes that it would also sync the state machine parameters, but it doesn’t. When the player 1 moves, player 2’s screen continues to show player 1 in an idle state, not a running state.

I’m wondering how to sync the parameter list of my Animator state machine (and thus the state of the machine) with a network view


Hi TrevorP,
I had (just today!) the same problem and I resolved sending Animator parameters via RPC.
I don’t know if this is the best way, but for me worked.