Syncing public variables on prefab

Hi, well there are more than one people working my project so I’ve declared some variables to public on a prefab. This is so that the designer can test and adjust the values as much as he wants.

The problem is when his done, how do I have the copy over all his values into the prefab in my project? I was thinking about exporting and importing the prefab but I am still making changes to the script of that prefab so wouldnt that come into conflict when I try to import the prefab from the designer?

How do you guys handle this workflow?

Probably not a suitable answer for most folks but we actually created a set of prefab tweaking tools that allowed non-coders modify such values and save them as an XML file which our coders could then import with editor scripts.

We had a lot of non-coders who had to have “input”. Le Sigh.

If I understand you correctly, the designer has a copy of the prefab, sets some things on it. You want to apply those to your copy of the prefab, yes?

I would say, have the designer right-click on his version of it, hit ‘export package’ and give you the package to import. It will have his settings. This assumes he has applied his changes (on an in-scene object probably) to the prefab using Apply.