Syncing up information with PhotonNetworking

Hello, I’m trying to finish up a game I’m working on, a 3rd person multiplayer shooter, that utilizes a 10 minute timer and things like Health, Ammo, Team Score, etc.

I’m trying to design my timer so that it’s run on the GameController object and then read into each individual’s Character Controller for displaying (essentially, I want to make for effectively one timer for everyone.) How do I make one global timer on the networking that everyone can observe? I’ve already looked at Network.time, but how would I utilize it in this scenario.

Also I’m having a slight bug where displayed variables such as health, ammo, etc, become overlapped and what I think I’m seeing is every players’ values competing for the same space. Is there a way for me to display a health value for that player only?

To display health only if it is the players own data, you can use photonView.isMine like so:


As far as network time, is your server authoritative or hosted by a player? You can have the ‘host’ be the timer and just send incremented timer updates to all the other players. If it’s just number data then it shouldn’t eat too much bandwidth.