SyncList not initialized on re-entry to game

I’m having a load of issues with SyncLists not being initialized if I return to my offline scene then try to go back to the online scene. I can’t find any steps in the documentation that indicate the correct procedure for cleaning up when you shutdown a LAN or online game, so I’m hoping someone here can point out what I’m doing wrong or any steps I might be missing.

I’m doing the following:

  1. Launching my game, and loading into the title menu (the offline scene in the UNET Manager).
  2. Starting up a LAN game, which loads me into the game scene (the online scene in the UNET Manager).
  3. The game starts up successfully and is playable.
  4. I select to exit the game from an options menu. This shuts down the NetworkServer and NetworkClient and returns me to the title menu (offline scene).
  5. I start up a new LAN from the title menu.
  6. The game loads into the game scene (online scene) then immediately starts spewing errors to the console stating that “SyncList is not initialized.” The game is unplayable.

It seems that the source of these uninitialised sync lists is networked objects that are present in my online scene. Is there anything special I should be doing to initialise or clear these?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Never mind, I had a static list holding all to all instances of a certain kind of Networked object which was not getting cleared when returning to the title menu. Instead of throwing null ref exceptions it was throwing SyncList not initialized errors.