system.array command processes unspecified/difrent array

i do something with Array1 and it also changes Array2:

	var distances      :float[] = new float[nodes.length];  //Array1
	var distances_sort :float[] = new float[nodes.length];	//Array2


distances_sort = distances;	

And then distances has been sorted also.
I wanted to make a duplicate of the array that is sorted-by-ascending so I can tell what the 5 largest numbers are in it, whilst keeping the order in the original array.

How do I change 1 array only and keep the original in .js?

Thank You!

okay I found a lot of answers on: Setting arrays equal to each other issue - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

the working solution was simply to fill the array2 at the same time as the array1 rather than copying one to the other afterwards.