System.Collections.Generic.List not auto compleating in monodevelop

I’m not sure what has caused this issue, I have tried re-installing Unity + monodevelop and starting new projects but when I try to use List<> monodevelop does not have it in its auto complete.

If I type the full path the only options I get for system.collections.generic are:

  • Hashset<>
  • Iset<>
  • linkedlist<>
  • linklistnode<>
  • queue<>
  • sorteddictionary<>
  • sortedlist<>
  • sortedset<>
  • stack<>

I know there should be a whole lot more and it has worked before.

Unity has no issues running the code but I find it strange monodevelop is not showing list as an option.

I am using windows 8, unity 4 and monodevelop 2.8.2

because windows 8 come whit .net integrated, monodevelop is not able to find the references, so you need to install .net framework 3.5

As @otrebor4 said, Windows 8 comes with .NET framework integrated. The solution is given in the following link, directly from Microsoft.

I also had the same problem (which is very frustrating) and it helped me solve it.