System.Configuration namespace


I'd glad to utilize full power of System.Configuration namespace to configure my webplayer application, but unfortunately, Configuration can be loaded only from file and it seems to impossible to get file access to any filesystem in web player, so I'll fail with my efforts.

Desired behavior:

  1. Webplayer app starts.
  2. App downloads app.config from server.
  3. App saves app.config to somewhere in client filesystem.
  4. App loads it as a Configuration object.

This may be a bit of a security risk. As you mentioned the .config files reside on the server and aren't served by IIS by default to avoid letting users access your confidential configuration information. Opening this up could mean that your users could read that file as well.

If that isn't a problem, then your next step is to make the config data available. One easy way would be to save your config information as an xml file which IIS will be happy to serve. Then you can use Unity's WWW class to download the file and read its contents.

As for saving that data for the user, there are lots of different options and they are discussed in this detailed thread.

There are two options that stand out in your case:

1) A $99 robust saving and loading engine that handles everything called EZ Game Saver

2) A XML Saving and Loading Framework

It is not possible, because webplayer can't save files directly and System.Configuration can work automatically only through files.