'System.Console' is this class cannot use in Unity Script(C#)??

When I run my application, I want watching some logs( not using Debug Console in Unity Editor ).

So I tried to use 'System.Console' function. But it doesn't work.

How can I use Console window in Unity??

Did you try : Debug.Log("your log message") ? Or this is not what you want ?

You can't have a console window in Unity. That's what the Debug.Log() function is for.

What you could do is use the RegisterLogCallback function and show a log window (that you would have to code yourself first) "ingame".

you should use the Debug class's Log and LogError and LogWarning functions to print to unity's console. you can not use regular Console.Write to wrtie to std console. you can use RegisterLogCallback and create a program to do what you want. you can write log to the file or do any other thing that you want.

Ah.. Sorry.. I need to explain more details.. I need to excute this application using Remote Desktop.

But, When I watching in Remote Desktop, I cannot see text in window. So, If there are the other way for see text in Remote Desktop, it is more good.

Plz notice to me the other way..