System.Data, System not loading in Unity iPhone

I have a Unity game that I was working on Windows and it was working fine. Now, I wanted to import it on the Mac to use with Unity for iPhone (version 3.5of5) and Unity 2.8.2. I may mention that I am new to using Unity on Mac. I am using a MySql connection for my project and have references to System.Data in my plugin folder.

However, the issue I am facing is about 64 errors all pointing to not being able to load System.Data.Common.DataAdapter, System.Data.Blah.Blah etc. from ‘System.Data, Version Culture=neutral, Public KeyToken=something’. Other errors simply say ‘System.Data, Version Culture=neutral, Public KeyToken=something’.

Is it because it wants an updated version of System.Data version while all I have are versions I scanned all directories in Mac that I could find to find System.Data of higher version but the error persists. Please help.

We use System a bit in our current project and haven’t run into any problems - the problem might be that you are using such an old version of Unity. I think that some older versions of Unity had some problems with Mono libraries that were fixed later.

I think that a valid solution was to copy System.dll and System.Data.dll into the Assets folder? I saw a thread about it awhile ago, but haven’t been able to recover the link. These DLLs should be located in /Library/Frameworks/Mono-Framework or something along those lines.

Thank you kromenak for your answer. Although it didn’t yet resolve my problem. Sorry for the typo, my Unity is 3.5 and Monodevelop is 2.8.2 which is actually the latest version of Unity. This should mean that I need a more updated version which I can’t locate anywhere to put in the Assets folder.