System freezing when connecting pen display - Huion Kamvas 13

When I have my pen display plugged in and turned on I get many:
Failed to create device file:
20 The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

  • messages. Each time my whole system locks for 5 - 10 seconds, unfreezes for a few seconds then repeats. As far as I know this wasn't an issue on previous versions. This happens both in editor and in builds.
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You will have to create a bug report with a project that the unity team can use to reproduce the issue. This is the only way If you want to unity team to fix this issue.

Even though it's interesting to see that others also have some weird issues with Huion tablets. I have a screenless one and getting random errors when maximizing a window. At some point, I've noticed that the issue was only reproducible with PCs that had a Huion tablet connected but the QA team still couldn't reproduce the issue.

Hope you can get this one through.

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yeah unity has had USB problem for nearly 10 years now
it's the only app that can freeze up on malformed usb packets or something like that