System.IO in javascript

Ive looked online and doesn’t have much detail on using the StreamWriter or StreamReader in javascript language only in c# and c++. Does anyone have any examples I can look at so I can understand how to make it work. What I want to use it for is I have several variables that I want to write into a txt file. Its basically a data structure that I am looking to create from using StreamWriter. Example is I have multiple users that can have access to there records like username,firstname,lastname. Now when I want to search for a specific username how would I access there information in txt file. I was thinking designing it by this example (username,firstname,lastname). Any help of understanding IO would be greatly appreciated.

When using Javascript pretty much all of the .Net classes work exactly the same, you just need to remember you are working in JS and not c#, so things like variable declarations need to change. Taking the MSDN StringWriter example you end up with:

#pragma strict
import System.IO;

function Start () {
	var dirs : DirectoryInfo[] = new DirectoryInfo("/Users/graham").GetDirectories();
	var sw : StreamWriter = new System.IO.StreamWriter("DriveDirs.txt");
	sw.WriteLine("Found the following folder:");
	for (var dir : DirectoryInfo in dirs){
	var sr : StreamReader = new System.IO.StreamReader("DriveDirs.txt");

	var line : String;
	while (!sr.EndOfStream) {
		line = sr.ReadLine();