System localization system?

After some search on the topic I found several solutions to localize a game in Unity. Most of all are “plugin-related” (taken from the Assets store) with different approaches but all based on text files. I prefer to use standards or stable libraries when I can and then I found that Mono has the its localization library that uses gettext, (Localizing Applications | MonoDevelop) but it is not usable (correct me if I’m wrong) via unity on a mac, I have to import a dll and then a list of dependency not satisfied (dylib) are triggered.

After writing a solution on my own based on our previous pipeline, in this case using only po file (without .mo) I was wondering if is there a standard way to manage the translations base on some standards or something like that? Thanks in advance.

Yes, there is a “standard” localization system for Unity.

Search for the Unity Localization Package. It’s a complete tool with many features.

Note : Your question is from 2015 and I answer in 2022. Many things changed overtime, but I saw your question while browsing the forum. So even if it is somewhat outdated, maybe it can help someone eventually.