System Out Of Memory Texture2D

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I have added some frame animations using prefabs. I instantiate them in runtime. After adding these prefabs. I have the above error when I build it to apk. If I dont build that scene, it’s fine. There are totally around 150 730x730 png inside these prefabs. Of course I already have tons of other textures in other scenes. I need to add even more.

I’m running Unity 4.1.2 on Windows 7 with 4GB ram. How to solve this? Thanks.

First of all, your windows is a 64bit version ? If you are using a 32bit version don’t search in other way the problem is just here in front of your eyes.

If you are using a windows 64bit, there is other thing that can provoke this :

Because when you have an image with those dimensions (730730) with png you have an alpha channel used whereas with a jpg it’s only 3.
If you have 4 channels in used, with a true color texture, your datas are uncompressed so your picture take more space in memory. With 150 sprites and 730
730px you must reach something like 500Mo (only for this animation) + your others textures.
Add to this size the Unity process, and I can supposed your Unity proccess used 600Mo roughly.
So only with those 2 parameters I already used 1.2Go and if you have windows with 32bit it won’t work. I don’t compute the size with all your others textures but I must be higher than this I think.

If it’s to build and apk (so an Android game), I can say already one thing it’s really too much. Try to decrease your texture size. You really need to have this size ?