System/Program requirements for windows.

Hi i have googled this question and have come across the same answers every time.

Im attempting to get this program running on a linux machine… yes i know its not supported but when im done with it im hoping it will be supported by codeweavers.

Now i am aware of this:

But i need more information like
direct3d 9,10,11

The current problem is that unity cant connect to the registration servers on launch.

I need to figgure out why, and how to fix this.

Please dont reply with not supported or linux sucks or another link to

Thanks in advance.

The official Unity response (I work for Unity) is that the editor does not work on Linux. The problem is probably less to do with connecting to the activation servers and more to do with the finger-print-of-your-machine code failing because it cannot find the registry, or the Windows product key, that kind of thing. By all means ask around if anyone has got it working, but I suspect to get Unity activated on Linux you’d need to reverse engineer the license system, and that’s not allowed.

(And, because I am sure comments will follow, Unity is not anti-Linux, just we have not seen a clear business case for a Linux editor.)

Yeah we worked out how to bypass that system now, we can get the program up to loading the project, all that was needed was configuring wine/crossover to a windows vista/7 bottle then opening the registry and copying a product id from an existing windows system.

For legal purposes we recommend that you own the copy of windows that the productid is taken from. Our version can be found at this address.

you can export the productID from any windows 7/vista computer the location is
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]

then import it into wine or crossover using #wine regedit or running command with crossover and just using regedit in the correct bottle.

Now for the next problem…
And yeah it would be nice if unity ran on linux, however the only way i can see that happening is if unity starts running under monoruntime.