System.Threading.Thread use causing error on player exit in OSX

I'm using System.Threading.Thread to handle HttpWebRequests and in OSX standalone builds a system-level error occurs (complete with a "Report to Apple" window). No noticeable errors occur in Windows standalone builds or in the Editor (in OSX). I added a check in OnApplicationQuit that checks if any of the threads I've created are still alive, and it reports that there aren't any. The relevant area of the console log is presented below:

Total Object count 291 (Before unload 135)    

Live threads at quit: 0 out of 1 created.

(Filename: /Users/build/builds/unity-26/unity-2.6.x/Projects/../Runtime/Export/Generated/BaseClass.cpp Line: 1783)

Cleanup player

** ERROR **: file error.c: line 62 (SetLastError): assertion failed: (ret == 0)

** ERROR **: file error.c: line 62 (SetLastError): assertion failed: (ret == 0)

Again, I don't see this error in the Editor or Windows standalone builds. Suggestions on how I can properly clean up my program on exit would be appreciated.

We have quite a few issues with HttpWebRequest (allthough most are in the webplayer, not in the standalone). I'd suggest using the WWW class instead. Also, please be aware that Unity2.6 has a bug where exceptions thrown on the non-main thread will crash the application. I'm currently working on this bug for the next version of Unity.