Szise is wrong in build

When I am making a game a game then (on a. moment) I want to check if everything is ok in Build.
then I go to the build settings and press Build.
when it was ready I start the game and then I see that the ‘see Size of the Camera’(don’t know what’s the correct name) isn’t the same like in the Unity Program.
I don’t know what to do.
(I am working on a MacBookAir2018)
Please help me.

Here is a picture of an example scene in Unity

And here is one after Build


thank you,


thats probably cause you are using a different resolution in the build and inside unity. Log the Camera.main.aspect for making sure you are using the same in both build and inside unity.

i had a similar problem, i think this is the tutorial i used.

I’m making a 2d game and this is a tutorial for a 3d game but the aspects inside the UI still applied and if there’s the option for 2D or not, I used 2D.

basically you’re selecting the “preserve aspect” or “scale with” in the editor for the object you’re dealing with.