Table Counting

Hello, and thanks in advance for reading.
I’m making an options menu for my game, and following suit to KSP’s system for screen resolution, I make a table of all supported resolutions and use a slider to pick one.
However, I have a problem.
How do I count the number of objects in my table?
I know in Lua I could have a table named, say, Table, I’d have two objects in it, and I’d write “print(#Table)” and it’d print 2. What does Unity do for this? I looked and found nothing thus far.
BTW, I am using Javascript.

How is the table stored? Array, List, ArrayList (is that a thing?) Whatever data structure, there’s a usual way to find how long it is. C# is easier, since Unity C# is also regular C#. Unity javascript is apparently very much not regular javascript, so you have to stick to Unity references.

So, it’s a learn to program issue. But that’s good. Once you find the docs for javascript, you’ll see it’s the same, but different. You’re LUA knowledge should quickly transfer.