Tablet lags

Hello everyone, I am developing a flappy bird clone for anroid and i am having a problem with my tablet,when i run the game in my pc i have 1000-2000 fps in stats,when i run it in my samsung galaxy core it runs smoothly but when i run it in my samsung galaxy tab 4 it is laggy. I use a 1024x1024 background sprite a 1024x1024spritesheet for the player and his animations and a 256x512 sprite for my obstacles.Should i reduce my sprite’s size or is something wrong with my tablet?


the only way how to exactly see what is happening and causing the lags is to use the Unity Profiler (Unity - Manual: The Profiler window).

Open the profiler from unity upper tab Windows → Profiler.

When you have opened it:

  • connect your android device via USB
  • in Build Settings, select Development Build and Autoconnect Profiler
  • Build and Run the game. When the game starts, in Profiler windows you have opened your have to press select your connected Android device from list in Active Profiler, and then hit Record button.

You should see the report of what is eating up most of the performance.