Tag Manager, Tag Size Won't Change?

I’m using Unity 5 to make some awesome games and some of my codes use tags. So I go to create a tag, but to do that I need to increase the size from 0. I tried changing it to 1 or 2 and when I would press enter it resets back to default (0).

I’m at a point I can’t do much more with my project until I get this to work. Any help and or alternatives would be appreciated.

First of all switch from debug to normal (press on red and then on green):

alt text

Now add a tag:

alt text

Now you can either add tags in normal mode or if you for some reason badly want to set number you can switch back to debug mode and set the number (the last tag will be duplicated for every new tag in debug mode while in normal mode it will be set to “New Tag”).