Tag on a gameobject which is loaded as an assetbundle

Hi I am creating asset bundles to be loaded as additions to my application. The assets in the assetbundle are identified by Tags.

If the assetbundles are created in a project other than my main application project and I assign Tag's to those assets that does not exist in my main application project will those Tag's exist once I load the assets from the assetBundle into my application?

So if project A is my application and has some Tags defined ...

And project B is used to create an additional asset with assigned Tag 'NewTag'. That asset is added to an assetBundle to load into my application.

When I load that new asset into my application (at run time) will that 'NewTag' be a valid Tag? Or would I have to add that Tag definition to my main program and then recompile?

I will actually try this myself I'm just wondering if anyone has some insights already.


You'll have to make sure that you have exactly the same tags (including keeping the same order of tags) in any project that you create the assetbundles with.

What's stored with the object is obviously only the index of the tag. So, when you have two projects with the following tags:

Project A:
0: TagA
1: TagB


Project B:
0: FirstTag
1: SecondTag
2: ThirdTag

If you load an object from project B with tag "ThirdTag" into project A, it will have tag "undefined" (because there is no third tag in project A). If your object has "SecondTag", it will appear as "TagB" in project A.

I thought it would work but it didn’t let me describe my situation. We outsource our artwork and they deliver the models in asset bundles because it’s a lot and needs to be updated frequently. We have some objects that need different behavior so I asked them if they could assign a tag to a model. I asked them to put in a tag exactly like I have set up on my project side. When I load there asset bundle the tag is gone.

Could the problem be that I’m on a Mac and they’re on PC?

Or is it just not supported?