Tagged collision problem

Hi, all I am trying to have a prefab become active on my player whenever you collide with something tagged as Glock, I have tried writing a script for this but as soon as I start the game I get and error saying, ‘UnityEngine.GameObject.Active’ not found. Also nothing happens when I collide with something tagged as Glock. Can someone help me out?

var prefab : GameObject;

function Start (){

GameObject.Active = false;

function OnCollisionEnter(collision: Collision){
    if(collision.gameObject.tag == "Glock")
Debug.Log("you have hit Glock");
GameObject.Active = true;

**You want to Basically activate something on collision **
Well make prefab children of your player and then use something like

var prefab : GameObject;

make sure prefab is deactivated and Drag it into requirement block.

after that make a colider "

OnColisionEnter () { 


Thats It Your Done , I am not Programmer Though But Still Hope this Help and BTW check the API PROPERLY :slight_smile: