Tagging child objects of an FBX

I have an FBX model of a character holding a weapon. The weapon is actually a separate child object of the FBX. What I want to do is set a tag on the weapon child object. However, when I look at the FBX in the editor, Tag is greyed out and can’t be set. And when I use the FBX as part of another prefab, I can apply Tags, but I no longer have access to the child objects.

Is there any way to get a tag on the child object of an FBX?

Drag the FBX in your scene, and then make a preFab out of it. FBX information is read only except for the FBX importer settings that are available in the inspector.

After you drag the FBX into the scene, you’ll notice that you can now tag your hierarchy as you please. Once saved to a preFab, of course the tags will carry over.