Tags & Layers error


I am currently following the https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/roll-a-ball/collecting-and-counting tutorial (Roll-a-Ball). I am currently 7:17 in the video and I have selected the PickUp prefab and then click Add Tag. In the tutorial video it comes up with Size and Element (0 and 1) whereas on my PC it comes up with nothing.

I am running Unity 5.0. Here is what it looks like on my PC:

I would really appreciate if someone who has encountered this would give me some assistance.

Select the object that needs a Tag.

Open the Tag panel.

At the bottom you will see a + symbol, click that to open another tab.

Where it says New Tag, type in the name of the tag you need ie MyNewTag.

Now click on your object again in the hierarchy, click the Tag panel and toy will now see your new tag there. Choose the new Tag and it will be added to your gameObject. (obviously put in the name as it says in the tutorial)