Tanks 3D: The tanks index does not show up in the Inspector/Game Manager script

I made sure that I was using the correct code in the CameraControl and GameManager scripts.
As instructed in the tutorial, I also used the following line in the CameraControl script:
[HideInInspector] public Transform m_Targets;
However, the tanks index does not show up in the Inspector/Game Manager component.
What am I doing wrong?

@yz09tech - A [HideInInspector] hides the public variable from the inspector. If you delete it, it should show the array.

public Transform[] m_Targets;

to just this:

public Transform[] m_Targets;

(Also looking at your code and editing it)

using UnityEngine; 
public class CameraControl : MonoBehaviour { 
    public float m_DampTime = 0.2f;
    public float m_ScreenEdgeBuffer = 4f; 
    public float m_MinSize = 6.5f;
    public Transform[] m_Targets; //This line is the tank index, and a comment.
    // The next line is supposed to show the tanks index in the 

That should work. You had a // in front of your array, and a // means that it is just a comment, not affecting the code

Thank you. I changed the script as you said, but still it does not show the tanks index in the Inspector/GameManager. Taking the [HideInInspector] out works ok when used with the Inspector.CameraRig (the tanks index appear). What could be causing the problem in the Inspector/GameManager?