Tanks Tutorial: Accessing TankHealth

I’ve been trying to expand on the Tanks tutorial, which involves passing each tank’s current health on to a script controlling audio (Hv_Sine440_HvParam_AudioLib). I’m afraid I’m pretty new to Unity so I’ve had to battle through a lot of errors. The latest of these comes in line 35 - print(tankHealth[0].m_StartingHealth); - which gives me a NullReferenceException. Would anyone familiar with the tutorial be able to explain why it’s not working? Any help would be much appreciated. The only thing I’ve changed elsewhere is moving SpawnAllTanks() in the GameManager script from Start() to Awake().

    using System.Collections;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using UnityEngine;
    public class Hv_Sine_Control : MonoBehaviour {
    	private Complete.GameManager gameManager;
    	private Complete.TankHealth[] tankHealth;
    	private GameObject[] tanks;
    	private Hv_Sine440_HvParam_AudioLib hv;
    	public float freq;
    	void Awake () {
    		gameManager = GetComponent<Complete.GameManager>();
    		print (gameManager.m_Tanks.Length);
    		tankHealth = new Complete.TankHealth[gameManager.m_Tanks.Length];
    	void Start () {
    		hv = GetComponent<Hv_Sine440_HvParam_AudioLib>();
    		// Get and set a parameter
    		freq = hv.GetFloatParameter(Hv_Sine440_HvParam_AudioLib.Parameter.Freq);
    		//hv.SetFloatParameter(Hv_Sine440_HvParam_AudioLib.Parameter.Freq, freq + 0.1f);
    		print (gameManager.m_Tanks[0].m_PlayerNumber);
    		for (int i = 0; i < gameManager.m_Tanks.Length; i++)
    			tankHealth <em>= gameManager.m_Tanks*.m_Instance.GetComponent<Complete.TankHealth>();*</em>

* }*
* print(tankHealth[0].m_StartingHealth); //Check to see if tankHealth is set up properly.

* void Update () {*
//hv.SetFloatParameter (Hv_Sine440_HvParam_AudioLib.Parameter.Freq, freq + (playerController.count * (440 / 12)));
* //hv.SetFloatParameter(Hv_Sine440_HvParam_AudioLib.Parameter.Freq, freq++);
//hv.SetFloatParameter(Hv_Sine440_HvParam_AudioLib.Parameter.Freq, tankHealth[1].m_Slider.value + 300f);


Figured it out. The other scripts used the Complete namespace.