Target Range Situation


I’m working on a little project, basically its going to be a target range.

Right now I have 3 targets (cubes) that are animated, so they are moving side to side. I have the ability to shoot spheres at them.

What I want to happen is that the cubes fall down when I hit them (topple over).

Few problems I’m having:

  • I when I hit the cube, it doesn’t fall down like its suppose to, it just gets pushed back.
  • I tried working with hinge joints, so when I shoot it - it topples over correctly, but it goes crazy when I have the animation on.

Could someone give me some advice, I would be very grateful.

Use a hinge joint, but instead of animating the cube, make a second, kinematic, collider-less rigidbody to connect the hinge to, and animate that other rigidbody instead.