Teaching Myself, Tips?

I'm teaching myself programming through Unity, and I want to use it to develop my own game ideas. I'm finding it a little more trouble than I anticipated to wrap my head around it, and am wondering how best to find a little help; don't get me wrong, I know how annoying it is to say, "Do it for me, I don't want to have to learn!", I'm NOT going to be one of those.

I've found through experience, however, that when having trouble 'learning by the book' (i.e. tutorials) or by winging it, it helps me if I have somebody to explain it to me, and walk me through the logic; it's often what makes it 'click' for me.

Here's and example of the approach I am currently taking; I think, though, before I can start getting pieces/features in I need to get a better idea of the big picture, the thought process of a programmer. I've got several very fleshed out (but little else) game 'concepts' I want to build (I'm a little too paranoid to have somebody else do it... they'd probably do it wrong/steal it... hehe...).

How can I appropriately get the help I need, without being an inconvenience/annoyance to the community? I know there's already a lot of people who want somebody to do it for them/teach them 'everything', just from the few minutes I've browsed around; I'd hate to end up being the newbie who doesn't get how things work.

(So I guess this is more of a 'How to ask for help' question than a 'Help me!' question.)

Thanks! Already learned a lot, and loving it. Super excited.

there is a great question about the same thing, it have an excellent answer to it cuz it have lots of helpful links and those will make you understand everything

this is the link

hope it helps

Pretty much by using this website, and the forums on unity3d.com. The Unity community is ridiculous active and incredibly generous, to the point where if you have an idea and you want to implement it, someone will point you in the right direction as to how to accomplish it, you simply have to ask.

The Unity3d.com resources are super well done, with a myriad of tutorials that cover everything from the editor GUI, basic scripting for complete beginners, all the way to developing complete games (including multiplayer!). Also, the example projects are excellent for learning by dissection, as they are cleanly coded and clearly commented, for the most part.

And finally, there is the reference manual and scripting reference, which are super exhaustive, very easy to navigate, very well written and easy to understand.