Team licenses for personal edition

So, on Unity’s website, in two places, it states that Personal Edition users can purchase the Team License for $20/month. I am unable to determine how to make this purchase. Is this option not available?

(I am working with undergraduate students in an academic setting, and the students are in small teams. The Team license would be a great tool for us to use and well worth the cost.)

Thank you, Raresh, for your response. It is not necessary for me to explain my pedagogy to get an answer to this question. It’s a legit question and I’m looking for a legit answer, not an answer that someone is “pretty sure” will meet my needs without even knowing them. I’ve analyzed my needs already and Team License with Asset Server is a very viable, low cost option for us to meet those needs.

I’d appreciate it if someone who knows about Team License for Unity Personal Edition can answer, preferably someone from Unity.


As the linked page says, the team license option isn’t available for personal users just yet.

That being said, if you just need your students to have access to version controll, Unity works just find with git/mercurial/whatever just fine without a team license. If you teach your students git, they’ll also get some knowledge they can use even if they don’t end up using Unity, which is a bonus.

There’s some custom setup, but it’s easy to google and find exactly how to use your version control tool of choice with Unity, though it’s essentially “set Unity to serialize things to text instead of binary, set up a sensible ignore file”.

You can even use SVN, if you hate your students and want them to suffer.