Teammate added as Manager on both Organization and Project can't open project.


I’m trying to add a third member to our unity project, but no matter what we try, he is unable to open the project.

We first tried putting him at a user level on both the organization and the project, but with these permissions he was unable to open the project from his unity project manager. He can see it from the manager, but he is unable to open it, getting the message Unity Teams Required next to the project.

We then tried setting his permissions to Manager, on both the organization and project again, but after doing this and having him restart his computer, he is still unable to open the project, getting the same error.

I should also mention that there are no problems when it comes to meeting the other requirements of the free tier of teams. He’s only our third member, project is under 1GB, etc.

What do I need to do to get him on the project with reasonable permissions? Ideally he’d be able to modify and contribute to the project, without being able to access the project’s management backend.


Bumping this, because I would really like to get an answer so that we can get our third programmer on board and working already.

If any further information is needed, just let me know.