Teamspeak SDK, EntryPointNotFoundException


I’m trying to integrate Teamspeak SDK into my application. I’m using Unity3d with C#.

By copying the client example code into the project and starting a client an error gets thrown when the playback and capture devices should be opened:

device not registered/known

Since I failed to find out what went wrong (I opened a seperate question for this issue:
Unity Answers Thread) I tried to query the default playback/capture devices by using:

IntPtr modeIdPtr = IntPtr.Zero;
uint error = teamspeak_client.ts3client_getDefaultPlayBackMode( out modeIdPtr);
if ( error != public_errors.ERROR_ok)
    Debug.LogError( "Failed to get default playback mode: " +getErrorMessage( error));
    modeId = Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi( modeIdPtr);
    teamspeak_client.ts3client_freeMemory( modeIdPtr);

IntPtr playbackPtr = IntPtr.Zero;
error = teamspeak_client.ts3client_getDefaultPlayBackDevice( modeId, out playbackPtr);

if ( error != public_errors.ERROR_ok)
    Debug.LogError( "Failed to get default playback device: " +getErrorMessage( error));
    playbackDevice = Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi( playbackPtr);
    teamspeak_client.ts3client_freeMemory( playbackPtr);

The following errors are thrown:

EntryPointNotFoundException: ts3client_getDefaultPlayBackMode
EntryPointNotFoundException: ts3client_getDefaultCaptureMode

I’m pretty sure that I’m importing the dll correctly. This is how my dll import looks like

[DllImport("directsound_win32.dll", EntryPoint = "ts3client_getDefaultPlayBackMode")]
public static extern uint ts3client_getDefaultPlayBackMode(out IntPtr result);

Any ideas why these errors occur? I didn’t manage to find a solution so far…




I’m trying too to integrate Teamspeak SDK into my application but she dont work.c#

how you start your client ? what is your script for start?
sorry my englih is very bad, i am french