Tegra 3 issues

Hi, I’m upgrading a project taking profit of Tegra 3 devices, I have an Asus Transformer TF300F. Thanks to new Unity 4 features (using beta version, no final release when writing this) I have shadows active for mobile devices as a main upgrade and I’m also trying terrains. I have a 2km terrain working fine on my non-tegra Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V (30fps with no shadows, 8 with) but in the Asus tablet it doesn’t work well. Terrain’s textures are in ultra low quality and there is no shadows at all. I use DTX texture compression (for Tegra) and textures look right in the Sony Adreno GPU but no in Asus Tegra 3, weird. Also using same apk shadows are working in the Sony phone (slow, but working) but no shadow in the Asus. If I increase quality at runtime it doesn’t solve the issue, no shadows in Good, Beautiful or Fantastic.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

I landed here looking for an answer to a similar question, but I’ve found the answers to these questions elsewhere so thought it’d be helpful to show 'em here in case other people land here from google like I did.

For the terrain texturing problem, from what I’ve tested and research I’ve done, the issue is referencing the texture to far out of range. Basically the floating point precision takes a hit on tegra 3 when the UVs go to far outside of 0-1 range. At this point there are solutions out there to replace Unity’s terrain, T4M seems a pretty popular choice:

Shadows don’t work on Tegra 3 devices due to a lack of proper depth buffer. Again, someone has worked around the problem:


I hope this helps anyone else who’s looking for solutions to Tegra 3’s short-comings!