Teleport player after clicking an object.

I made a JavaSCript where if the cube is clicked, it will teleport the player to a certain location. here is my script.

function OnMouseDown() {
gameObject("FirstPersonController").transform.position.x = 14;
gameObject("FirstPersonController").transform.position.y = 60;
gameObject("FirstPersonController").transform.position.z = -251;

but when i try to test it, it says:
BCE0077 It is not possible to invoke an expression of type ‘UnityEngine.GameObject’.

What did I do wrong, Please Help!
Thank You in Advance.

As I can see you dont have a defined game object .
You would need:

var FirstPersonController : GameObject; // which would be assigned in inspector.

function OnMouseDown()
  FirstPersonController.transform.position.x = 14;