Teleportation in unity xr toolkit

I’m using Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit but when teleport to a teleportation anchor, the player falls. Knowing that there is a plane under these teleportation anchor. Another thing is that when entering the play mode, the hands fall and are not working as the photo indicate. Can anyone help please

Do you need a rigidbody on your player ? You usually don’t need it in VR.
Also when your headset is connected but do not detected your controllers, the hands are usually moved to the floor.

Tell me if it helps.

I can recommand you to take a look at this free VR template (not mine) for a better understanding of the XR Interaction Toolkit.

Some ideas:

  • The floor under your teleport anchor must have a collision (Untick Convex if it’s a mesh collider)
  • Look if your teleport anchor is above the floor.
  • Look if the TeleportAnchorTransform refered on the TeleportationAnchor script is above the floor.
  • If you are using a layer on any of these objects, look in Project Settings/Physics if you have untick the collision between 2 layer type.
  • Look on your XROrigin and his children and delete any Rigidbody
  • Try to add CharacterController on your XROrigin
  • Use 2 objects for the floor: 1 classic plane with visual and 1 object for your TeleportationArea

This teleportation Anchor setup workfs if it helps: