Tells me a certain driver can't be loaded

I have a scene set up with image effects and some particles. there is also unisky. i used the main cam in the example with the first person controller with some modifications so i can move correctly. anyway, everytime i test the scene or build the scene, my screen flashes black then tells me a driver had to be restored. now it was working before, but i imported some assets so i thought those were the problem, so i set up another scene and it worked fine. its only this one scene. If i need to post a picture to help please comment, i can’t do it right now though because i had to force shut down unity 3.5. please from the info here help me out. if you need any more details, i will try to provide more.

Researched the driiver error “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has sucessfully recovered.” and it is a problem with nvidia card, not unity. so nothing unity team can do.

i am having this issue as well and i get the “driver has recovered from a error” i am very sad because this is a new computer and i have a radeon had 7570 i am wondering if i should try to use a older driver for it instead of the newest one