Template, or prefabricated scene for VISION PRO

Good afternoon, I wanted to ask if… unity, is there a template, or prefabricated scene, that does what you see in this video that I leave below please.
thanks for your help !!!

You can grab and manipulate objects (including two handed grab) using the XR interaction toolkit. The latest update to the visionOS template uses XRI, more info here.

Thank you for such an accurate and quick response.
Really, thanks

I have used Unity for many years, creating games, but I have never used XR
I imagine that you can not only rotate an entire group of objects but also separate them piece by piece just like the video.
What I’m looking for is to show a building or a house, and remove the roof, chairs, beds, desks, trees, etc. one by one.
Yes this. It works like this.
If I can compensate you for this valuable information, at least valuable for me, let me know, or if you have anything else to add, it will be very helpful to me.
thanks again Bless

That should be possible to build based on the template scene, basically you’d setup your object with Intractable components that don’t use physics. This would let the user grab and move them and then after they are done they should just float where the user places them.

This sounds like an interesting example that we might build and ship in the future as a part of the package samples.

that would be Fantastic, I already managed to deploy from Unity PRO to the simulator VISION PRO, but my problem is that I don’t know how to start from scratch by creating an object with Intractable components that don’t use physics.
Is there a tutorial out there to add interactable components to my own 3D fbx objects?
thansk for any help