temporary installation files

Which are the temporary installation files?

I installed Unity using the download assistant. I chose a specific location for files to be downloaded during installation. The location I chose was the same folder which I chose to install the program. I believe that the installation files were not deleted after the installation was completed as I thought they would.

When not specifying a location they are automatically removed afterwards from the temporary location. So when specifying a location, are they not removed automatically?

These are the files that are now in the Unity folder:

— Editor (folder)
— MonoDevelop (folder)

The files are quite big and I would like to delete them if they’re not needed. Are those the ones that would have been deleted automatically if I had not specified a location? Are any of them necessary or can all of them be deleted? Seems to me like only the two folders need to stay, is that right?

I don’t have any of those files on my Unity folder, so i think you can delete them.

It is written SETUP in almost all of them, this means that these are the executables for the installation and they aren’t permanent/required.