temporaryCachePath could not open file

I save several images to the temporaryCachePath, but when I go to load them, WWW can not find the file. I first verify that the file exists with File.Exists(). This only happens on my computer, where I have moved the AppData folders


filename = Application.temporaryCachePath + "/Logos/" + filename;
filename = Path.ChangeExtension(filename, ".png");
if (File.Exists (filename)) {
	//Debug.Log("Loading logo " + counter + " from cache");
	using (WWW www = new WWW("file://" + filename)) {
		yield return www;
		if (www.error != null)
				Debug.Log ("WWW download had an error:" + www.error);
		Texture2D t = new Texture2D (1, 1);
		www.LoadImageIntoTexture (t); // Error here
		Stores.currentBuildingsInfo [counter].logoTexture = t;
		gameObject.renderer.material.mainTexture = t;


You are trying to load data from a www stream which had the following error when downloading.
Couldn't open file /Users/JREF01~1.MIT/AppData/Local/Temp/appname/Logos/logo06.png
<LoadAssetBundleFromServerOrCashe>c__IteratorC:MoveNext() (at Assets/Scripts/WWWTextureLoader.cs:38)

This turned out to be I needed to use “file:///” instead of “file://”, although it makes me wonder why it worked at all with “file://” and only failed on my computer.
Solution found at Getting "can't open file error" when downloading local files from "My Documents", "Local" or "Roaming" folders - Unity Answers