Terms for making a game that will be free to download and play.

I’m curious about the terms and conditions of creating a game that will be free to download and play for the gaming community.
Does anyone know the terms and conditions for creating a free to play game and/or have a link to these terms?
Thank you in advance for any replies :slight_smile:

More information:
I will be creating the models, textures and animations. A friend of mine will be creating custom sounds and music. So there’s no outside resources which will be used.
And I mean information about Unity’s Terms and conditions of using Unity to create a free to play game using the free version of Unity (not pro).
Sorry about it being too vague. New to this haha

Even with commercial games, you are USUALLY allowed to use all packages for commercial use, with no royalty fees etc. However, sometimes, there are special conditions, but, Unity should let you know if this is the case once you import the package.

Check out this for more information: FAQ . The answer is there on that page .