Terrain and Mecanim Scaling Questions

I have two main questions:

  1. I am currently dabbling in Unity 5.0 beta and I noticed that when using the Terrain system, I can’t seem to lower my terrain with the height tool, in order to make valleys or canyons or what have you. In 4.0 I could lower the terrain to a “negative” value if I made the terrain transform height higher than “zero”.

I tried the same thing in 5.0 beta and it will not lower the terrain height under the default height at all. Is this the case? Am I missing something with that?

  1. Also in Unity 4.x I was able to scale objects correctly when using mecanim and checking the “Optimize Game Object” option if using the “Generic” setting, or if scaling uniformly when using “Humanoid”. However in 5.0 beta this seems to not work at all. Scaling mecanim characters, even when doing so uniformly, shows bad results for the character/unit.

So to summarize, can terrains be lowered below the default “flat” height? And why does scaling (especially uniformly) not work for mecanim characters with “optimize game object” checked?

Thank you.