Terrain Asset Question

I noticed that unity comes with a terrain asset package that is around 5mb in size and then there is also another terrain asset package that you can get from the asset store that is around 42mb in size so I was wondering what the differences between these packages is and do I even need the smaller (5mb package) if I have the 42mb package ?


What I can already tell you from your question, is that there are probably a lot more textures in it with special kinds of rocks, grass, dirt and sand. And what not. Textures always take up the most space, because code is just some text. There could also be extra 3D models like rocks and trees. But it depends on the package you’re talking about.

I checked both packages. The standard asset only contains a palm and some textures for the ground. Default grass and dirt. The online asset contains different bushes as well. So if you want it or not is up to you of course. Is a palm enough to fill your world? That’s the question. If you want other types of trees and maybe some extra ground textures as well, you can download the assets from the asset store.

You don’t need them both, because they are just 3D objects and textures. They are assets, no logic/code/scripts.