Terrain; Billboards cutting off artwork for custom trees

We’ve created some custom trees by editing the textures and layout of some existing trees, which were created with Tree Creator.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with our custom trees: the billboards they generate are obviously cut off. So when the transition to billboarded version happens, or if you see the trees at a distance, they look bad. Like so:

The question is, can we edit the way in which the billboard versions of the trees are generated? How does this work? I know from the docs it happens at run time. Can we tweak it at all? Why is it generating incorrectly? 604-Screen-Shot-2012-04-11-at-4.57.45-PM.png

in the tree generator on the main branch(When you start fresh it is the first branch also it is at the bottom of the tree chart.) there is a height option. Make it higher and see if that will keep the billboards from cutting off. If that doesn’t work decrease the size of the billboard leaves. Its never really happened to me so these are just reasons i can think of.