Terrain brush not matching with cursor.

The terrain paintbrush/raise/lower brush is not synced up, for lack of a better term, with where my cursor is. My cursor can be clicking away in the middle of the screen with nothing happening, and then I zoom out and notice the corner of the terrain is risen/lowered/textured etc. The effect is lessened with larger terrains but there is still a fair distance between the cursor + brush.

I have reinstalled Unity to no effect.

Here are two other threads from March and May 2012 with people experiencing the same problem.


This is really frustrating. I’d really appreciate any advice. Apologies, I also posted this in the forums before thinking it was better placed here.


I dont think there is a solution. Wait for an update, one should be coming soon. I guess for now, you have to deal with it. It is still a fairly new build of the engine